Friday, September 11, 2009

Learn How to Make Cold Process Soap!

Join us at Otion one Saturday a month to learn cold process soap making. We will cover the basics of making soap from scratch using oils and sodium hydroxide (or lye). Learn what soap is and how it works, what ingredients and materials are used, safety precautions when using lye, SAP values, the difference between fragrance and essential oil, and options for colorants and additives. We keep an optimum learning environment with modestly sized classes of up to 7 people, and hands-on instruction is a great way to expand your soaping skills. Students leave with two bars of custom soaps made in class, as well as confidence and experience using the cold process method. Remember, cold process soap takes a month to cure before it may be safe for use!

Much of the fun of making soap is the experimental and creative journey. Be your own soap chemist and try different oils, color and fragrance combinations to create your own unique body products for personal use, gifts, or start your own small business. Best of all, you know exactly what is going into your recipe and skin. Treat yourself, have fun, and get creative!

For a list of classes, visit our website here or sign up in the store.

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