Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Geometric Layered Soap

Ah, the wonderful world of melt-and-pour soap making! For those of you who thrive on instant gratification, there's no better outlet for your creativity than customizing your own soap. Here's a little project that you really can't mess up. Start with a pre-made soap base, melt it in the microwave, add color and fragrance and pour a thin layer into our flexible brownie pan tray. Let that layer harden, remove it from the mold (this is where the flexible mold is most helpful), and repeat with any color or combination of colors you desire. Keep in mind that your fragrance should be consistent with each layer because they will be mixed together in the embedding process.

After you've made a few different hardened layers, cut them up in squares and rectangles. Melt down some more soap and leave it clear or lightly tinted so you can see the layers. This freshly melted soap is going to work as the glue to hold your chopped pieces together. Fragrance is optional. Using the same tray mold, pour a thin layer of fresh soap and spray with rubbing alcohol. Don't forget to generously spray the cut pieces with rubbing alcohol, too, before embedding them into the melted soap. Now, place your squares and rectangles into the wet layer, and alternate between pouring melted soap and embedding the cut pieces.

Keep adding until you fill the mold, spray the top one last time to get rid of those pesky bubbles, and let it harden. Release the soap from the mold and cut into bars with a kitchen knife, cutter/scraper, or crinkle cutter. There you go! A beautiful, vibrant and original work of art, er... soap. Give it a try!

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