Friday, September 11, 2009

Got Scraps?

For all you melt-and-pour enthusiasts with piles of left-over soap clippings, grab one of our 2.5# loaf molds, pour in some freshly melted soap (you can melt down some of your old scraps for this part, too!), spray the layer and the scraps generously with rubbing alcohol and alternate between pouring and placing the melted and hardened soap. By coloring each cup of melted soap differently, you can end up with some really fun swirls and layers in between the embedded scraps! We recommend leaving a little space in the mold (about 1/4" from the top) for easy soap removal. This is a fun, spontaneous way to create something unique, not to mention clearing off some counter space. No two cut pieces are the same!

This is also a great activity at birthday parties. Everyone takes turns pouring soap into the loaf and dropping in scraps. When the group soap has hardened, it can be cut up and shared as take-home party favors. And hey, there's plenty of time to eat cake while waiting for the soap to set up. Have fun!

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