Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Fun Class!

Check out these vibrant bars made in the September 26 cold process class at Otion! These were their favorites from the 16 or so that were made. I love the playful colors and swirls! Participants that were new to soap-making found that cold process wasn't as intimidating as some books made it seem. Some even got over their sodium hydroxide anxieties!

It's a great idea to read up on cold process soap-making before you give it a try so you know what is involved. For an added confidence booster, take a hands-on instructional class with a group of people-- some of the questions that come up from other students will definitely add to the learning experience. I don't know about you, but I'm a big time visual learner and by seeing things done by example, it takes some of the pressure off of trying it myself for the first time. Looking forward to our next class on October 17th. Sign up online or visit us at the store!


  1. Your CP classes are really getting some great soap designers in them. It's awesome to see the colors and the versatility that happens out of just a beginner class.

  2. It's true! There's definitely a spectrum of personalities that shine through in soaps from class-- from totally unscented and uncolored to bright, vibrant swirls!