Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Sun Bars

Take your soap from boring to beautiful in one easy step using a soap stamp!

Here's what you'll need:

A generic bar of soap
Gold Sparkle Mica
Sun Stamp (Follow this link to see our shiny new Sun Stamp! Photos show an older version).
Rubber mallet

Freshly cut bars of soap work best for stamps because the softness is easier to penetrate.

Sprinkle a thin dusting of Gold Sparkle mica in the lid off its jar. Tap the stamp in the lid until it has a generous coating of mica. If you are having trouble getting the color to stick, spray your stamp a couple times with rubbing alcohol and try again.

Center the stamp on the bar and tap with the rubber mallet, starting with each corner. Then give it a good whack right in the middle to set it into the bar. Keep in mind that too hard of hits will start to split the bar, so practice using light taps at first.

Lift the stamp and you're done! The Gold Sparkle Mica leaves a gorgeous shimmer that makes the stamp design really stand out. It couldn't be an easier way to take your soap up a notch! Have fun and see what other results you get with different mica pigments and stamps.


  1. I love stamping my soaps. For me, I stamp all the slices and then dust the imprints with mica using a cosmetic powder brush. It is easy to do multiple colors and change things up without having to wipe your stamp off repeatedly for a color change.

  2. Great tip Courtney! Soap stamps are the best :-)

  3. I agree! Great tip Courtney!