Saturday, July 24, 2010

Root Beer Float Test Batch

It's another beautiful weekend here in Bellingham and I'm making some delicious Root Beer Float soap to put out in the store as a test loaf. We want your opinions! But oh boy, this is like a replay of the Mint Chocolate Chip project where I have to remind myself that this is soap I have created, not a yummy treat to take a bite out of. We have already tested this scent in a small round sample, and it really discolored. I mean like a hockey puck. But the scent is SO worth it!

My plan for this small batch is to do one side colored dark with cappuccino mica and black oxide, and one side colored light with titanium dioxide. We'll see how well the light side holds up over time as it cures.

In my lined two-pound wooden loaf mold, I poured both of my colors at the same time so they met up in the middle. Then I gave the mold a good shake to even everything out. The soap thickens quickly with this particular scent, but by mixing with my rubber spatula just before pouring, I was able to work with a nice thin texture and no mad rush.

Above is just one pass with a reed in a figure-eight pattern. You could leave it like this and it would be very simple and elegant, but I did one more pass in an 'S' pattern to see what would happen:

The cut soap looks great and the fragrance is mouth-watering! The pattern looks a little bit like a cow, but I'm happy with the outcome. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


  1. That looks absolutely delicious! I want to reach through my screen and eat it. (Or drink it? It IS a root beer float soap, after all. :))

    The weather in WA is gorgeous! I should get off my laptop and get outside!

  2. Does the FO hold up nicely in CP soaps? Does it stay strong?

  3. Beautiful soap! Love the contrast and marbeling!

  4. Thanks for the compliments! T.A., the fragrance is staying nice and strong so far. I'll keep you updated as it goes through its testing.