Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Slice Embed Bars

Finally! Summer has officially hit Bellingham and I'm feeling like some fresh fragrances and a fun melt-and-pour project are in order. Here are some scents that are perfect for these cute slice embed bars:

Summer Melon Spritzer
Lime E.O.
Lemon Verbena
Orange Valencia E.O.
Grapefruit E.O.
Tangerine E.O.
Citrus Blend E.O.

Start by making an unscented white half round loaf and chop it into thin slices-- this is the embed and is to remain unscented so that you can make multiple different bars using the same embed. Then grab the four in one mold and some clear soap, and begin to make scented layers (4ml of fragrance per pound of melt-and-pour soap base).

For example, I made a lemon and lime double layer bar by pouring a thin layer of yellow soap scented with lemon and then dropped my white slice in it while the layer was still wet. (Remember to spray the embed and wet soap with rubbing alcohol so they stick). Let that layer harden and pour a green layer scented with lime and drop another slice embed into that. Spray between the hard and fresh layers. That's all there is to it!

Take this technique and try all different colors and fragrances. For a quick bubbly boost to your scent, blend Champagne fragrance oil to your melon or citrus and you'll get a lip-smacking soda scent!

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