Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Fling Swirl

Kat here, happy end of the week! It's Friday and 70 degrees out-- can't beat that. So, summer officially starts in 38 days and I'm already sunburned and making summer inspired soap projects. This quadruple color swirl cold process batch has Summer Fling fragrance oil and smells amazing! It's the kind of scent that just keeps getting better and better over time.

I used the Baltic Birch 18 bar mold and can't stop talking it up. It is simply the best mold for swirling because you have so much surface area to work with to get really interesting patterns.

Colors used:

Alkanet root for the deep purple
Ultramarine blue
Yellow mica
A mix of coral mica and yellow oxide for an orange
Lastly, there's a thin layer of white on the base of the bars created with titanium dioxide.

I'm looking forward to a full Cold Process Class tomorrow afternoon. If you are interested in signing up for the June 19th CP soap class, or for Jill's next lotion class on June 26th, or Anne-Marie's liquid soap class on June 5th, or our 3rd annual Soap Weekend Intensive in August, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to wear sunscreen if you decide to nap in the grass with the dog (I learned my lesson).


  1. Oh, my goodness, what pretty soaps! And the Summer Fling fragrance oil sounds wonderful - I'll have to check that one out :)

  2. Einfach wunderschön, tolle Wirbel und Farben!