Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mallard Ice Cream: Food of the Gods

As temperatures get higher, more and more people are flocking to Bellingham's best ice cream stop. For me, going to Mallard Ice Cream is an extra special treat because it's like being able to actually taste some of the scents we have at Otion. I know that sounds weird, but trust me, there are some soaps that you just want to take a bite out of because they smell so delicious, and Mallard's is a much better option.

They make their ice cream with fresh, local, organic ingredients and churn it using the ice and salt method-- the salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice, and the small ice crystals from slow churning give it an extra smooth texture.

My favorite combination is a scoop of chocolate lavender and a scoop of cardamom. Yum!

(Photo courtesy of Mallard Ice Cream's website)


  1. Mallard's Ice Cream sounds great! And chocolate lavender could make a fabulous soap fragrance. Buttercream & Snickderdoodle and Sugar Plum Fairy are two soap FOs that I always want to take a bite of :)

  2. It would make a great soap fragrance! I'm so glad you can relate :-)