Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Spring Swirls!

On Monday I had the privilege of teaching Dyanna who came all the way up from Arizona to learn cold process swirling. It's always interesting to share stories with people who are used to soaping in different climates-- my jaw dropped when she told me it's already 90 degrees down there and all she has to do to melt her oils is leave them in the garage over night!

We had a lot of fun, Dyanna had a great attitude and was a real pleasure to spend the time with. We made a six pound batch and used the ever so popular 18 bar birch mold (my favorite!) and a two pound wooden mold. I like to fill the birch mold up with only about 4 pounds of soap even though it holds six, just because it is easier for me to get the bars out with it slightly under-filled. She chose Sea Shore Cybilla fragrance (an amazing scent which unfortunately accelerates trace a little-- not the best to use for swirling because it cuts down your time to add detail, but perfect if you are taking a class where you have the opportunity to learn what to do in that situation!), green chrome oxide, yellow mica, and titanium dioxide for our triple-color swirl.

The soap turned out great; I love the colors and the scent she picked-- it's the perfect combo for this time of year. Thanks Dyanna! I hope you have fun trying out these new techniques at home!


  1. Awesome soap- love the dark green and the swirls!

  2. Thanks Amy! The dark green is one of my favorite colors to use because it goes well with just about everything.