Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lime Wave Soap with Calendula

All this sunshine calls for a refreshing and crisp bar of soap! Lathering up with lime essential oil is so awakening with its zesty punch-- it's the perfect scent for this time of year. I teamed it up with some dried calendula flowers for an extra pop of color, along with lime and brilliant blue labcolors for the perfect green gradation.

The Domed Wave mold works great for this project. I ended up using a discontinued mold that I pulled from the Soap Bar stash, but it gives the same effect.
Your soap will be created by a series of layers. To begin, pour a thin clear layer scented with lime essential oil (4ml per pound) on the bottom of the mold and spray with rubbing alcohol. Now sprinkle a pinch of calendula on the surface. Here comes the color. We're going to build up a darker color with each layer so that when it's popped out of the mold, the base of the bar is a beautiful deep green and the top is bright lime. Add one drop of the lime labcolor, mix and pour over the hardened clear layer with calendula.

With each new layer of color, add another pinch of calendula and spray rubbing alcohol between layers. Make sure to hold your spritzer high above the calendula when spritzing, otherwise it will blow off all the pedals. For the next layer of green, add one to two drops of brilliant blue labcolor to one drop of lime labcolor.
Your final layer of green is the darkest-- up to five drops of brilliant blue to two drops of lime labcolor. You'll be able to see the layers build up and the gradation from light to dark as more blue is added to the lime.

Let it harden up in the freezer for 10 minutes, de-mold and enjoy!


  1. I learn a lot about a man taste (of soaps) in your blog as a woman i will probably choose yellow or orange ...i could say (till now) i wouldn´t use this color with calendula (or even lime essential oil)...but it looks great!! i will try them! thank you! ;)

  2. I love how you used the graduated color technique to really allow the calendula to pop! Great job.

  3. EnJabonArte, another great scent for guys is wasabi fragrance oil. It's not what you'd expect! Thanks for the comment and glad I can help.

    Thanks A-M!! It'd be fun to try with other colors.