Friday, May 13, 2011

Geometric Soap Project

This bright, fun soap is built up in layers and embeds. There is no end of color combos, shapes and design possibilities with this project, so go for it and have fun!
To make this soap, start with a yellow layer on the bottom of your loaf mold. I used yellow mica in a clear base for the most vibrant color. Let it harden, spray really well with rubbing alcohol and pour a thin layer of opaque base on top and let that harden.
I went ahead and made some basic shaped layered bars for some color, then cut them in pieces to embed. Line them up however you like in the mold, but keep in mind you are cutting cross sections. Spray rubbing alcohol on everything! The embeds and the hardened soap in the mold need to be sprayed so they all stick together.

I finished up by double-pouring the rest of my opaque base on the top, split into two colors. Double-pouring is just pouring two colors side by side at the same time. It helps to have fairly cool soap at this stage so they don't bleed into each other too much. Spray the surface and let it harden. Then the fun part: cutting into bars and revealing your soapy masterpiece!

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