Friday, December 17, 2010

Warm Vanilla Sugar Star Soap

Christmas is quickly approaching and time has run out to start cold process soap gifts this year. No worries! Melt-and-pour is fun, easy and you can create some amazing customized bars like these cute embedded star soaps in no time.

Simply make some unscented stars using the flexible star mold with an opaque melt-and-pour soap base, grab that trusty loaf mold and your spritzer bottle of rubbing alcohol and get ready to make the bulk of the soap. Melt a clear base (honey melt-and-pour works great for this project), color with honeyed beige mica, and scent with Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance oil. The loaf mold holds about 4.5 pounds of soap, so you will need to melt 4 pounds of clear soap and scent it with 4ml of fragrance per pound. Pour a layer about an inch thick in the loaf mold and let it set up. Line up your stars down the middle of the loaf and spray all over with rubbing alcohol. Now, fill up the loaf with the rest of that yummy scented background color and place it in the freezer. It will take about 40 minutes to harden. When slicing, be sure to use a sharp knife and aim for the center of each star so that each bar has a full star shape in the center. One loaf makes about 10 beautiful bars!