Friday, December 24, 2010

Sparkling Sunset Soap

Another fun and easy project at the Soap Bar! Simply fill half of your scalloped mold with clear melt-and-pour soap. I used shredded glitter in this layer for a bit of sparkle. Let it set up while you melt down more soap and split it into three mugs for the sunset colors. I used yellow mica, red/blue mica, and blue mica. Now, spray that clear layer with rubbing alcohol so that your next layer will stick and start pouring your color on top, alternating between each one until the mold is full. Having a clear layer first softens and distances the background color for a gorgeous sky appearance.

Put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and DONE! So easy and so beautiful. Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. gorgeous! thanks for a great idea to try!

  2. Wow, those soaps are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this technique! :)

  3. Super cute - love the detail work with the extra glitter layer.