Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fight the Flu with Essential Oils

It's official, the flu is going around and we are especially prone to catching a bug after spending time with so many of our friends and family over the holidays. Here are some essential oils that will help you feel better:

Eucalyptus loosens mucus and helps heals the throat, nasal passages and bronchial tubes. It acts as a great decongestant with germicidal and anti-bacterial properties. Many people associate the scent of this oil with Vicks VapoRub. Try adding 4 drops of Eucalyptus to a carrier oil such as olive oil and use as a chest rub. Keep in mind, this essential oil is too strong for children under six years of age.

Lavender is not just a lovely scent, it stimulates the immune system and relaxes and soothes aches and chills. Lavender is a wonderful calming agent, particularly when blended with chamomile.

Tea Tree acts as an antiseptic and fungicide and also boosts the immune system. It works great when inhaled.

Rosemary is invigorating and aids as a pick-me-up oil when the flu has got you down.

Ten drops of any of these essential oils can be added to your bath water or to a bowl of hot water as a vaporizer. If you are sensitive to essential oils, make sure to use sparingly. Get well soon!

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