Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun Class Soap

Kat taught a private melt-and-pour and cold process class about a week ago and made lots of fun projects. First up is a five-pound Oatmeal, Milk and Honey cold process swirl loaf with scrubby oats on top.

Then our new 2.5 pound silicone loaf mold was used for another cold process batch, this time split into three colorful layers with a swirl on top. I can't say enough great things about this mold! The walls are reinforced so it doesn't bow out when filled, the sides are perfectly smooth, the soap comes right out because it's flexible, you don't have to line it, and it's affordable. Love it!

After making soap from scratch using lye, they jumped into the pre-made base projects using melt-and-pour soap. You can easily create detailed, themed bars like the Halloween soap or a luxurious massage bar. Embeds, layering, and swirling were all covered and the soap came out great!


  1. I love the headstone, it looks so realistic.

  2. ух тыыыыыыы.. какие красоты! Здорово!

  3. I just moved to Bellingham and I came across your site looking for Octagon soap.. strange but not strange... anyway if you know where I can get some locally that would be great. All about the handmade so I will be popping by sooner than later. Cheers