Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advanced Swirling Class

On Saturday, Kat taught advanced swirling to a great group of experienced cold process soapmakers. We even had a little doughnut party while the lye cooled! Both in-the-pot and linear swirling techniques were demonstrated after Kat went over everything from colorants and fragrance choice to supplies and tips.

We made a five pound in-the-pot loaf with Energy fragrance oil and five colors including neutral. Students helped out with preparing the batch and breaking down colorants.

Since it's about that time to start cold process Christmas soap, we made a four-pound linear swirl using Christmas Tree Cybilla fragrance oil. This scent is amazing in cold process. It doesn't accelerate or discolor and the scent stays very strong.

Thank you to everyone who came to class and made it an extra fun soaping session! The next advanced cold process class with Kat is on Saturday November 12. Hope to see you there.


  1. I love the swirls in both of these. I'm planning on a Christmas type soap similar to the second one as it screams Christmas. It looks like burgundy pigment and hydrated chrome green were used.


  2. Can people come to the Advanced Soap Making class even if they haven't taken the Basic one? I have made cold-process soap, so I'd like to learn about different techniques like swirling.

  3. As long as you understand the fundamentals of making soap from scratch, you are welcome to take our advanced class.

  4. These batches are beautiful.Do you mind providing the colors that Where used in the soaps I would love to buy them.