Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treat Your Feet

When it's time to unwind and relax at the end of a long day, don't forget about your feet. Complete health, comfort and balance goes from head to toe, and pampering yourself with a personal pedicure is one easy way to get treat yourself.

Find some quiet, undisturbed time and create a soothing foot bath. In a bucket or small tub, add enough hot water to cover your ankles (or cold water if you need to take down swelling). Add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil as a disinfectant (Tea Tree works wonders to beat foot fungus). You can also add a couple drops of Peppermint essential oil for a cool, clean feeling. Soak from five to 15 minutes and pat your feet dry with a warm cloth.

Using Aloe Vera gel, message your feet and lower legs, gently pull your toes and practice simple foot stretches. Point your toes to the ground, then your heels to the ground, and rotate your feet in a circular motion. Take this opportunity to inspect your feet and carefully remove calluses with a stone or rasp. Trim your nails and file them smooth.

Slough off dead skin with a lavender salt scrub. In a small bowl or cup, combine two tablespoons of sea salt (there are many different types of salt available, so your choice!), two tablespoons carrier oil (avocado, sweet almond, apricot kernel, olive oil, etc.), and five to 10 drops lavender essential oil. Lavender has antiseptic properties and is very calming, perfect for the end of the day. Rinse your legs and feet with cool water to lower your temperature. Dry off and then moisturize with your favorite cream or lotion.

Stephanie Tourles provides great professional tips to keep your feet in great shape in her book, "Natural Foot Care."
-Use a good sloughing lotion two to three times per week to dry, flaky skin at bay.
-Smooth your calluses with a good foot file or rasp one to two times per week.
-Inspect toenails once a week and trim and shape as necessary.
-Have a professional pedicure once a month if possible
-Walk, walk, walk, walk...

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  1. Adding a small 5 gr pack of baking powder to the water as well as essential oils helps soften the feet even further and makes removing the dead skin from around your heals super easy!