Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In-the-Pot Swirling Explained

I had a question on the last post asking what exactly "in-the-pot" swirling means. The best way I can answer that is with pictures, so here we go!

Step 1: Separate batch at a light trace into smaller containers for color, leaving about half or more in the pot uncolored.

Step 2: Pour the colored soap back into the pot from high above until the colors pop up on the surface. Pour colors at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.

Step 3: Make one pass through the colors with a rubber spatula to start the swirl.

Step 4: Pour the soap steadily from one end of your log/loaf mold and gradually move the bowl to the other end as you pour. You can make an "S" pattern with the rubber spatula through the poured soap at this point, but try not to swirl it by hand too much or you will get one blended color. Gravity and the actual pour creates the swirl in this technique!

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