Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glitter, Neons and Swirling, Oh My!

This afternoon we had a special guest Bramble Berry shopper who is in town visiting from Wisconsin. While her husband went golfing (thanks to course tips from Erik), Susie stayed with me and made soap! She loves cold process and fully took advantage of our huge fragrance selection. Bramble Berry shoppers LOVE coming into Otion because they can sniff as much as their noses can take. All those curiosities (like Ginger Fish... what the heck? It's actually amazing) are resolved.

We made a fun swirly melt-and-pour loaf at the Soap Bar using two pounds of Aloe MP and one pound of Goat Milk MP. She ingeniously blended Spellbound Woods and Lavender Chamomile Huggies Type for this batch, and of course we used glittery stars.

The final result is spectacular! I see a sunset over the beach in these bars. Talk about a great vacation!


  1. What a fun looking batch of soap.


  2. Those stars... can they be something to worry about getting in one's eyes?