Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee Break

I think most female Pacific Northwest residents will agree with me when I say we love coffee, but we love coffee and chocolate even more. I happen to love it in soap, and so should you! (This is Kat posting by the way, in case you might have had a moment of confusion over Soap King).

We carry a fragrance called Chocolate Espresso, which I admit makes me want to eat a bar of soap scented with it, or drink it straight out of the bottle (don't do that). Thank goodness I haven't gone that far. I made some lovely soap with it today, and I think bathing with it is even better yet.

I started with some white melt-and-pour base and added fragrance and ground coffee beans. This is the soap for my embeds, which you can do any design you want. I made stars.

For the background, I used a clear base colored with cappuccino mica.

Pour a layer of brown and let it set up a bit to hold the embed. Spray both the embed and the layer with rubbing alcohol so everything sticks together nicely. Then fill in the rest with more brown.

Pop them out and try not to take a bite. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty. I love the cappuccino really makes a nice chocolatey color.