Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basic Cold Process Class

Saturday was another great basic cold process soap class at Otion. We had a full group of students that had never made soap before, and it was fun to see their confidence build with using sodium hydroxide. In fact, I find that most people who first read about making soap get a bit overwhelmed by the temperatures, using sodium hydroxide and lye calculators, which drives them to take a class. I am a definitely a visual learner and know that when I see something done first hand, it is way easier to try it myself.

Each person made four bars of soap and many used vibrant colors and fun scrubby additives. Now they will be able to make big loaves of soap and share with friends and family or give bars as gifts. Thanks to everyone who came!

Serious soapmakers at work mixing in color, fragrance and additives

Soaps were labeled with the date, fragrance and any other information such as color and additives. Date is most important because soap must cure for 1 month before using.

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