Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Soap School

Last week we had a three-day soap training at Otion with Ralph, who traveled all the way from Lebanon. We spent three days covering everything from liquid soap to herbal infusions in cold process. Ralph was such a pleasure to teach because he picked up on everything instantly, which made it possible to get through a very packed schedule with no problems.

Above, Ralph and Anne-Marie are making the first stage of rock soap. Ralph had such a steady hand, which really came in handy when pouring layers in a 3D mold.

Jill Heuser from Northwest Scents came in to teach lotions and Kat taught colorants, melt-and-pour and cold process. Anne-Marie did some really unique soap projects (including Floap!) and put up a post with more pictures at Soap Queen.
Above is Ralph, the new swirl champ. Again, he really was a quick learner!

Lucky us, we had the fun of using a prototype vertical mold that hasn't even come out on Bramble Berry yet! You pour cold process soap on each side and pull out the middle divider to create a perfect layer. With this mold design, you can create a very interesting swirl in the center that appears in each cut bar.

Thank you very much for making the trip, Ralph. We had a blast teaching you and wish you and your family the very best with your soap business. Keep up the great work!

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