Friday, February 11, 2011

Sandalwood Swirl

Take a look at this crazy swirl! It's kind of like making a funnel soap... only without the funnel :-) I simply split my batch and colored one half with brick red oxide (left the other half neutral) and alternated pouring each color in the very center of my loaf mold. The colors stack up and spread across, creating a unique pattern with each slice. Is it just me, or do these bars kind of look like bacon?

Sandalwood is just one of the many masculine fragrance oils that we carry at Bramble Berry and Otion, and it pairs so well with this "woodsy" swirl. For thinner, more detailed lines, pour at a light trace and alternate between each color as much as possible. The longer you pour one color, the more of a solid blob of it you will get, so quick pours work best.


  1. the color looks super and so simply without funnels results in it beautiful samples. It, mad Effecte is so simple to charms.

    Greetings from

  2. Thank you! I like how simple it is, too :-)

  3. Swirling soap passed as a people: the beauty is inside and it is wonderful cut and find that hides a pleasant surprise.
    I love the result.

  4. Beautiful! I love cutting in to swirled soap! You never know what you'll find. :)