Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Fragrance at Otion!

We are excited to add Sweet Meyer Lemon to our selection of fragrance oils! This juicy new scent is more complex than your basic lemon and perfect if you are looking for something fresh and uplifting with fun floral notes. Over at Bramble Berry, this fragrance is affectionately referred to as ‘Sweet Tarts’ because it’s such a sweet, happy fragrance. Think of a lush, Caribbean garden bursting with the aroma of sweet lemons, horned melons, succulent kiwis, and ripe pineapple wedges. Sweet tropical florals complete this island wonder and some have compared it to the ‘Caribbean Salsa’ fragrance by Slatkin candles. We love how it performs in CP and MP soap.

The display soaps are made using a layered marbling technique with melt-and-pour soap similar to the Naid Soap Arts Snowflake Project at SoapQueen.


  1. Cute - love the design you did for the display =)

  2. Sounds divine cant wait to reorder :0) hope my next market goes well so I can buy lots of lovely Bramble Berry items :0)

  3. It is yummy! I think you'll love it :-)