Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soap Bar Wedding Favors

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of helping out a first-time soap-maker with wedding favor soaps for her sister. We discussed color, theme, scent and quantity and used the soap bar to make a practice batch before she does the rest of her project in Texas. She used the guest botanicals mold, countryside blue dust labcolor and shea melt-and-pour soap base to practice layering. She also tried out swirling with a discontinued leaf mold that we have floating around in the soap bar bins. Bravo!

Here are some tips for making wedding favor soap:

1. Use the colors from the wedding to keep the theme consistent.
2. If the couple is known for something, try to pick a mold that expresses their personalities. Classic and elegant, or humorous and adventurous.
3. Chances are you'll be making a lot of them, so keep it simple! Trust me, you'll be pulling your hair out if you try to put too much detail in each individual bar. Swirling is the easiest and fastest way to add interest.

If you are really crafty, you can take your wedding favors to the next level by customizing them with the couple's initials. Soap Queen has made it easy in this great video:

Soap Queen TV Episode 10: Wedding Favors from Soap Queen on Vimeo.


  1. Nice - the soap bar wedding favors came out great!

  2. She really did a great job, especially for her first try!

  3. Those soaps are very pretty and wedding like~ I have created wedding favors using Bramble Berry flip-flop flexible molds ~ They were a super hit ~ especially since the bride and bride maids wore flip-flops.

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