Monday, March 1, 2010

*Reporting Live from the Soap Bar*

On my way to work this morning, our peaceful little Holly Street in Old Town was hiding behind a giant curtain of smoke. While detouring around the back by the waterfront, I got a clear view of what took place overnight. A fire had destroyed three vacant buildings just down the hill from the soap shop and firefighters are still putting it out as I write this. Bay Street Village (Otion's building) is safe and sound, and right in the middle of the news coverage action. I can see Kiro TV set up across the street in front of Rocket Donuts, and swarms of people are making their way into town for a glimpse of the destruction.

It looks like everything is under control and at this point, just a spectacle. So, back to the soap!

We finished up February with a full cold process soap making class over the weekend, and I was impressed as usual by the beautiful soaps that were created. Everyone jumped into swirling and some even tried fun additives like ground loofah and lava sand. We all loved how strong the contrast turned out with black oxide and opalescent green mica. Remember the cow soap from December's class? There's that black oxide again.

Classes are filling up fast! Please visit our website for a schedule and to sign up. Is there a class you wish we offered? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!


  1. Me too! I love what people come up with in the classes. Thanks for commenting, Alexandra :)

  2. A few of those are mine!! My friend and I had so much fun at the class, it was worth the drive from Ellensburg. The only thing was...I think one of my baskets didn't get rung up because when I got home I didn't have everything I thought I was going to have. So....if you found a full basket hanging around it was mine!!

  3. Glad to hear that Otion was safe from the fires.

    The classes sound like so much fun. I wish we had a cool place like Otion in my neck of the woods! Beautiful soaps ...