Wednesday, December 2, 2009

*New at Otion* We Have Soapylove!

Delectable Desserts

Set includes 20 ml each of: Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Frosting, Orange Sherbet, and Vanilla Stabilizer.

Chocolate Fudge: Deep rich choclatey scent with warm, milky notes.
Strawberry Jam: Just like mom's homemade preserves. It's a plump summer strawberry with sweet sugary notes for the perfect jammy blend.
Vanilla Frosting: A creamy confectionary blend, this vanilla scent has just a hint of cream cheese for a delectable and sugary aroma.
Orange Sherbet: Bright and sweet orange with dulcet vanilla ice cream makes this blend just like an icy creamsicle bar.
Vanilla Stabilizer: Use this additive in equal parts to prevent discoloration from all the sweet, vanilla notes present in these fragrances.

Sweet Treats

This kit contains: 20 ml each of Bakery Beige, White Icing, Pink Frosting, Buttercream Yellow, and Rainbow Sprinkles.

Jewelry Box

Kit contains: 20ml of Ruby Red, Fiery Fuchsia, Turquoise Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Sparkle Dust (superfine iridescent glitter)

Candy Jar

Set includes 20 ml each of : Cherry Pop, Pink Strawberry, Lemon Drop, Tutti Fruity, & Vanilla Stabilizer.

Cherry Pop: Fizzy Cherry soda pop scent has just the right balance of effervesce to sugary cherry syrup.
Pink Strawberry: Hard candy sweetness with perfectly authentic artificial Strawberry notes - just like the little candies your grandma told you'd break your teeth on!
Lemon Drop: Zingy lemony candy scent that reminds us of the old-fashioned lemonheads candies.
Vanilla Stabilizer: Use this when you don't want your soap to discolor due to the sweet vanilla notes. Use in equal parts to fragrance oil before blending into soap.
Tutti Fruity: This fruit cocktail type fragrance has notes of pineapple, peach and maraschino cherries all packed into the delicious sugary syrup.


  1. I love the SoapyLove line! It is so great to work with since each bottle has droppers.

  2. Does the jewelry box color kit bleed in melt and pour soap?

  3. Hi Nicole! The jewelry box kit contains all non-bleeding colorants, which makes for perfect layers. Thanks for asking :-)