Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shout-Out to Rocket Donuts!

Here at Otion, we have the (guilty) pleasure of working directly across from Rocket Donuts in downtown Bellingham. I can see the donuts from our window. Heck, we can practically smell the delicious goodness, or is that just our new Clementine Cupcake fragrance? Anyway, let me just say, you guys rock! Right now, I'm lovin' your pumpkin spice cake donut topped with homemade cream cheese. It's a little Christmas present for my mouth and most definitely deserves honorable mention of donut of the month.

Plus, the coffee's always great, as is the awesome service. If you're not feeling the donuts (haha, that's a funny thought), there are also fresh baked muffins (my favorite is the vegan blueberry raspberry muffin-- there are many vegan options all over the menu), quiche, and breakfast wraps.

Here's an idea! Come visit us at the store, make some holiday soap for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers at the Soap Bar, walk across the street to Rocket and reward yourself for the fabulous soap you just made. When you return, your soapy creations will be hardened and out of the mold ready to take home!


  1. That was a delicious donut! Not that I broke my self-imposed diet to try it, or anything (ahem). We are super lucky to have rad neighbors at Otion.