Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simple Soy Candles

If you are putting together handmade gift baskets for Christmas presents this year, consider adding handmade soy candles. They are beautiful in our glass candle containers, colored or left neutral, and soy wax burns cleaner than most other wax products. Plus, they are easy enough for absolute beginners to make!

What you need:

4 Glass Candle Containers
24 oz Advanced Eco Soya Wax
8 cup Pyrex dish
Candle Dye, color by preference
Candle Scent, by preference (I used Milk and Honey)
4 wicks WU 250
Plastic Dropper for liquid color

First, weigh out 16 ounces of soy wax in your Pyrex measuring cup and melt down in the microwave at 1 minute intervals until melted. We will melt down the rest later.

Next, add 1 full ounce of candle fragrance and stir in completely. Then add 8 drops of candle colorant (or shave off a small amount off dye block and stir in).

Tip! The color will appear much darker in the melted wax than when dried. Put a knife in the freezer when you get started and dip it into the colored wax to immediately see the final color. Add more color if desired.

To place the wicks, dip them in the melted wax and center them in each cup. When you pour the wax, make sure to balance the wick with pens or chopsticks so that they don't tip over.

Finally, melt down 8 more ounces of wax and top off each candle. You don't need to scent this small amount. This uncolored wax will dry white and makes a neat foggy swirl through the purple. Plus, it helps clean out any color left in your bowl. Wipe your Pyrex dish clean with a paper towel while it is still warm.

Let the candle harden and snip off the excess wick. You can print off cute labels to stick on the side or gift them with a ribbon. Enjoy!


  1. hey Otion - The Soap Bar, this is really easy way to make a candle, i like the way you have described, if you have some skincare tips then please do share.

  2. Thank you for this little Tutorial-i love soy wax candles but last Time i tried to make soy candles i was not able to archieve a smooth surface. Could you please give me a hint?

    Thank´s and best wishes,


  3. Un magnífico tutorial! Muchas gracias por compartir tanta información!
    Feliz 2013. Un beso muy grande!

  4. Beautiful color, wonderful candles!!