Friday, November 11, 2011

Super Easy Christmas Swirl Soap

This project took about ten minutes to make ten bars of peppermint swirl soap. Talk about quick and easy Christmas gifts! Of course, there is a little wait time for the loaf to harden in the freezer (45 minutes to an hour), but that gives you time to work on labels or start another body product project (lip balm is also really fun and easy).

What You Need:
1 pound Honey melt-and-pour soap base
1 pound Goat Milk melt-and-pour base
Red LabColor
Red glitter
Green Chrome Oxide
Loaf Mold
Peppermint 2nd Distillation
Rubbing alcohol in spritzer bottle

Cut your soap into cubes and divide the Honey base into two parts (one part will be green, one part will be red with glitter). Melt down the bases and scent with 2 ml Peppermint oil to one pound of base. Add two mini scoops of green chrome oxide to one part of the honey base, and a couple drops of red LabColor and two mini scoops of glitter to the other part of the honey base. Stir well and then alternate pouring the colors and white until the mold is full. Spray rubbing alcohol to get rid of surface bubbles and in between pours so everything sticks together.

Let it harden in the freezer for about 45 minutes to an hour and then cut with a sharp knife or crinkle cutter. You can repeat this method with different types of soap base and different colors and fragrance. The possibilities are endless and each bar is unique.

* Hint * Come in and do this at our walk-in Soap Bar. We have all the supplies, the mess isn't in your kitchen, and it saves you $$


  1. мммммм как я обожаю эти свирлы....

  2. Mine sure didn't come out looking like that! it all mixed and is a icky brown - Threw it away. I can see this is not layered at least I don't think it is, I lost something in the instructions or missed something, what went wrong?

  3. I think what might of happened was the soap was a little too hot when you poured, so the colors bled together to make one icky brown. Hot temps equals thin soap, cool temps equals thicker soap. I'm sorry, I should have put that in the notes!

  4. Wow! You've done there a very nice soap, very colorful that can easily attract our eyes.

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  5. I followed your directions exactly - My top looked just like yours but the rest is opaquely marbled, rather than the colors being vivid. The top layer hardly has any colors showing at all. I spritzed with alcohol after pouring each color - Should I have only spritzed each layer instead? What went wrong?