Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soap Art?

Hello everyone! This is Kat blogging from the Soap Bar. Funny thing happened this afternoon while making another colorful cold process loaf. My soap started accelerating slightly because my temps were a bit high, which sent me frantically dripping and layering colors until the mold was full. I pulled the colors through with a skewer on the top and came out with something fairly abstract. There was a rush of carefree madness to the whole messy process, which felt a lot more like making a painting than making soap. I think the line between craft and art is a fine one.

Certainly not a masterpiece like Jackson Pollock's famous large scale painting, Mural, from 1943. But I had a darn good time pretending!


  1. Вау!! какая красотищааааааааааа! умеют же люди!