Friday, November 12, 2010

Soap Bar Experts

Check out these incredible melt-and-pour masterpieces made the other day at our walk-in "Soap Bar." I love the seashells! I think someone must be dreaming of a tropical escape from this cold, winter-like weather we've been having.

Think you want to make soap but not ready to make the investment in supplies and equipment? Otion's unique "Soap-on-the-Fly" Soap Bar is the solution!

How it works:

* Just come by, or for a specific time, call ahead and make an appointment
* Cost is $7.75 for your soap making session and includes fragrance, coloring, molds and instruction.
* Ages 12 and under: soap base is included. Ages 12 and over: soap base is not included. (Soap base is available at Otion, average cost is $3.25 per pound)

No mess, no clean up for you and best of all, an experienced soapmaker at your side the entire time, ready to answer all your questions! Plus, we have a new "Soap Stamp" coupon for anyone who comes in to use the Soap Bar: a 20% off savings of your next purchase in the store.


  1. They are looking great! Fantastic budding artists =)

  2. Lovely looking soap! I'd love tp see a close-up of the pink ones...