Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love for the Customers

I'd like to take a moment today to just throw out a huge appreciation to our customers at Otion. You guys rock! I have discovered that everyone that shops here has the same thing in common-- you love what you're doing, and it shows. When I can get excited with you about how awesome it would be to shoot soap out of a PVC pipe mold with an air compressor, or that spray lotion works great as a base for your perfume product because it moisturizes at the same time, or my favorite-- introducing cold process soapmakers to the lifesaver that is a stick blender, I know that my job here is pretty darn fun.

Plus,your kids are great. No joke, on more than one occasion, we'll have a teeny tiny tot not old enough to spell "soap", take a seat at the Soap Bar and create a melt-and-pour soap so detailed and thoughtful that you would rather put it in a glass box than use it. They know exactly what they want; "This bird is going to be pink with purple sparkles, the sky is going to be blue, not that blue, the lighter blue, with white sparkles, the boat is going to be yellow, and the water is green and white shimmer with bright orange polka dots." ...I cannot even describe the look on their face when it comes out of the mold...

So thanks, and keep up the soap experiments because I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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  1. Aw sweet! I loved coming here to see what you guys were up to this week and then found a little love letter to your customers. For what it's worth, judging from the comments and emails I get, your customers love you all right back (Ashley, Kat, Jill & Erik, the ELFman). =)