Monday, October 12, 2009


Wonderful, relaxing soap. Luxurious, soothing, fragrant indulgences that have the ability to lift and calm our spirit after a hard day's work.

Well, this month, we're doing a different kind of spirit lifting! We're breaking out the pirates and the skulls! Put aside those foo-foo floral soaps with rose petals. Argh! Halloween is quickly approaching and Otion is filling with some creepy creations.

How about handing out glycerin ghouls or sudsy skeletons this year? Trick-or-Treat, or both!


  1. What a cool display! Those all look so great. I have tried coloring my pumpkins as you did...but I can't stay in my lines, lol.
    The bats over the moon soap looks especially nice!

  2. I love love love what you did with the skull; bravo!

  3. Thanks, I had so much fun with this display! I had a hard time staying in the lines, too. Try letting the "oops" part harden and then scrape out the unwanted soap, spray with rubbing alcohol and keep on layering!