Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming out at ELF Today

Victorian Square
Cavities: Four
Soap Weight: Up to 6.4 oz
Soap Size: 3" x 3" x 1.25"
Plastic: 60-mil White HIPS 


  1. Hello, Elf! And I hope to have the good fortune to actually meet you and your lovely sister one day!

    Congratulations on a new venture! I think the possibilities are endless.

    Personally I have had some bad luck with molds lately, and I have learned a few lessons the hard way.

    1) Do NOT put your mold into the dishwasher.

    2) Do NOT use a commercial heat gun on your mold

    3) Do NOT put your lovely mold into the Microwave under ANY circumstances.

    4) If you have had the misfortune to do any of the above 3 STUPID things, then you MIGHT possibly have a tad bit of luck in using your commercial heat gun to try to put said mold back into original design, but it will NEVER be the same.

    I did this with the famous flip flop soap molds. twice in the same week.
    i was quite distraught about the whole thing.

    OK, that was TMI; just wanted to stop by and congratulate you!